Zetland Rd

A family home – combining practical and unique designs

This family home renovation project included a kitchen, dining room, utility room, family bathroom and a girl’s bedroom.

Even though the client’s kitchen flowed into the dining space, the two areas didn’t connect aesthetically. Therefore, I designed wall panelling along three sides which brought the rooms together. In addition, I included a unique combination of textures and colours to really join the two spaces and connect them in a practical way with a beautiful design.

When I designed the bathroom, I removed the linen closet, which backed onto the bathroom, as it created wasted space on the landing. Instead, I transformed this into a handy stand-alone cupboard which allowed the bathroom to have a separate shower and bath.

The girl’s bedroom brief was to design a room that was cool enough to suit a pre-teen girl but neutral enough to grow with her. Therefore, I created an accent wall featuring stylish colours and small shelves. The single bed utilised space by fitting into a corner, and vibrant cushions add colour but can be easily changed as styles change.

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